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Christy McKinley


Christy is a Washington licensed attorney who has litigation experience as a dependency (foster care) attorney, a family lawyer, and an appeals lawyer, along with experience with real estate law, collections, and education law. She is also a mother who has stood before the Court as a litigant in family law proceedings. In all of these experiences, Christy has learned more than most people care to about domestic violence, trauma, and antisocial personalities. Her experience lends her a unique perspective not only on the procedure and process of law but on the impact that the trauma of litigation has on the litigants. This informs every aspect of her work as she teaches clients to balance litigation advantage, their mental health, and their relationships outside of litigation.

Frances Schopick


Frances is a Washington licensed attorney and also a licensed mental health practitioner. She has reinvented herself many times over, including a career as an opera singer, a researcher on personality disorders, a mental health practitioner, and a lawyer. Every talk with Fran is part therapy, part TEDtalk, part legal expertise, and 100% brilliant. She brings insight into antisocial personality styles, including narcissism and sociopathy, to the legal profession and, for this class, to you.

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