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Our Story

As attorneys, we saw too many overwhelmed litigants giving up on the most important parts of their lives simply because the legal system is impenetrable for those who do not have tens of thousand of dollars to spare. Walking the halls of the courthouse, the access to justice gap is often actually visible. We got sick and traumatized watching the court system become a tool of the mega-wealthy and privileged.

We also saw the resourcefulness and competency of clients who were not wealthy. We know that litigants can learn many legal concepts; they just need a little bit of support. 

So we decided to create a more sustainable option for litigants who cannot afford an attorney, as well as for those who want to be smarter consumers of legal services, by opening a litigation survival school. We are going to teach you the basics of navigating the legal system as well as sharing some of our most hard-earned lessons that they do not even teach in law school, and we are going to do it with a sense of dignity and a sense of humor.

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